jasonandmeganshow asked: Mowgli's love!


I don’t use this blog anymore, I’m here but I miss this url a ton, I love the Mowgli’s more than any other band. I’m seeing them in two days and I cant wait! 

Another reminder that I’ve moved here since I don’t think a single person has seen it or followed my new blog? 

A reminder or for those who many not have seen, I’ve moved here. That way I can follow people back from my music blog directly.

I actually moved to: (x) now. 

WAIT, holy shit, Opera is brilliant! Faster than Chrome even (for me at least!) So yes, I am moving here.

Or not. I don’t know. I can’t find a good enough browser to download so I can be logged into both of my account at once. Trying to do things in Firefox is pissing me off, and I don’t want to have a completely new account if if I have to log out of this one every time I want to check it.

HEY heads up everyone, I think I’m moving over to colindiedens.tumblr.com. I’m getting frustrated not being able to follow anyone from here (since it’s not a primary blog). 

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